Sunday, September 26, 2010

Site Launch

I finished up my site and launched it yesterday. The site hosts my art portfolio as well as a collection of other work I have been involved with. It's still a bit clunky right now, but a friend is going to help me optimize it so that it can run smoothly and fast. It should be running at 100% in the next week or so, but the basic site is up and can be viewed at

Now that I have my site up, I can continue work on my portfolio. I hope to have a lot more props and characters done in the following months (unless I can land work on a particular comic book). With a new site, I have new confidence to work on building my gallery. Within a year I should have a real solid portfolio and hopefully be able to land a job at an actual studio. Here's to hoping! But in all honesty, I have confidence in myself. My skills can only get better from here.

In the meantime, I will be holding a launch party for my new site this Tuesday night at the WRDL radio station at Ashland University. I'm probably not suppose to ask a lot of people to come because it's not my studio and I don't want to get the person working there in trouble, but then again, I don't believe a lot of people read this blog anyway so what the hell? There will be pizza as well as Ricky from The Ricky Stewart Show. He will be signing autographs for anyone who would actually want one. He'll also probably try to sell you all his new line of health products, so watch out for that as well.

If you are in the Ashland, Ohio area, tune in to 88.9 WRDL on Tuesday night from 8 to midnight and you can hear my friend DJ Eu, as well as John Gees every week. Ricky and I are usually there as well and this Tuesday will be the site launch extravaganza.

This site should start a new period in my art career, so I invite everyone to check back for new work. I'll keep this blog up to date with what's happening even if it's only to keep track of everything for my own benefit.


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