Sunday, June 19, 2011


I'm involved in a lot of project right now. Probably too many. I'm starting the design phase for that flash game I mentioned in my last post. It needs an art style and concepts for everything. I also started working on YouTube again. My first partner channel is still making money but I'm working with a friend to get my second channel partner ready so we can continue making videos and get even more cash. Then there's my internship which I only really ever have to worry about when I'm actually "at" their building. But then of course there is the local animation group that has started a video project that also needs concepts for. And finally the mod projects that I've been making 1 or 2 small assets for but can never find the time to work on. All of this is caked onto all of the personal projects I want to make and for some reason I manage to sit and do nothing for long hours while a home....

It amazes me because I work I can sit and model something for 8 hours straight, but once I get home, I'm hard pressed to have any inspiration to work on anything. Maybe it's the detraction of playing Pokemon White or all of the peanut MnMs, but who knows. But I at least know what I want to do. I have my next demo reel all planned out. All I need is to make everything on my list while dodging through all of my other projects.

Here are some things I've made recently:

Tonight is the last WWE pay per view at the local bar that I get to watch with my friend Brad before he moves away and gets married... Hopefully John Cena doesn't go and win or anything.

Friday, June 17, 2011


What a chore blogging is. Am I right?

Anyway, I never updated all of you non-existant followers to the results of the Polycount contest! Welp: I lost.

But don't worry, the amount of crazy good entries was ridiculous. Suits me right for going up against a bunch of seasoned professionals. My only gripe is that the game industry judges only got to vote for the winners out of the top 5 entries chosen upon by the general polycount public. So even though the contest was to have the most creative redesign of a character, they let everyone just vote for Cammy from Street Fighter because people love Cammy from Street Fighter. And then she ends up winning! (it kind of helped also that that entry landed the front page of Kotaku while the contest was under way) I'm not saying the winning models weren't bad. Because they weren't. They were absolutly astounding! But just the fact that a lot of other people with actual "creative" ideas got over looked because they didn't make super popular (or sexy) characters is what seems shitty about the whole thing. Even the industry judges commented on every winner about how it wasn't "the most creative idea", but it won, so who cares.

Here's my entry for anyone who cares:

Like I said, not the greatest, but still a cool idea. You can see more renders of it on my site.

ONTO OTHER THINGS! I've started a flash game project with a couple guys I knew in college. It's sure to be the next greatest game of all time. But modesty aside, it's going to be a side scrolling, platfomer/puzzle game similar to Limbo, Braid, and maybe with a few Portal elements. It should be interesting. I'm working the story and soon to be art style while my friend Bryon roughs out gameplay mechanic designs and puzzles and Nick conjures up magical programming. It's probably the greatest team ever assembled. More info on it when we actually make something.