Sunday, September 19, 2010

Site revamp

I'm getting more excited the more I work on my new web site design. The current one I created in the midst of vast amounts of portfolio work I had to contend with during my senior year. Now that I have that giant load off my shoulders, I am able to sit back and clean the site up a bit.

The foundation is going to be the same. I really like the black and white color scheme for 2 reasons. One: it's different from everyone else that I graduated with. The typical portfolio site is dark, usually gray or black. I wanted the opposite so I went with white. Two: by having the site itself be white and black, the only color that pops out is that of the artwork itself. Although darker sites can look sleek and cool, I think my site has a certain boldness to it that corresponds with my own personality.

The new site won't be a drastic change from the old design; just thinned down, boxed in, and cleaned up. It will be MUCH easier to navigate and there will be no need for javascript (sorry Dan). So that's something to look forward to in the coming weeks.

I am continuing my portfolio work. I'm in the process of mastering retopologization in 3Ds Max. There is a killer video on it that someone posted on YouTube, but I think I am missing a plug-in or something because neither version 2010 or 2011 have the tool set that this guy was using. Nonetheless, I hope to have this next character done around the same time as the new site launch. The sooner I finish this character the sooner I can start working on some props and some other characters as well.

This morning I received a registered letter (I had to sign for it :D) from a professional game company regarding my interest in a concept artist position at their studio. I'm not sure if they send registered letters out to everyone that has contacted them, but it sure as hell made me feel special. The only problem was that the date on the letter was the 8th, and today was the 18th. I emailed the woman who wrote the letter as soon as I got it, hoping that it wasn't too late to respond. I'll probably have to wait until the weekend's over before I get a reply, but I definitely have my fingers crossed.

I'll keep everyone posted on what's going on, as well as inform you when the new site it up. Maybe I should have a launch party. Those are always fun.


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