Friday, July 12, 2013


Here's some stuff I made at work. This is an octopus I started animating for one of our side projects: 

And these are a couple screen grabs of a sculpt I made in my free time:
It's a Rat Man. I might go back and add a little more to it; although realistically, I probably won't...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

fighting the good fight

Man, I really haven't posted anything in a while. I thought I would write myself a little update so I can try and collect my thoughts.

First of all, I'm 24 years old now! Woo! I also have an apartment and ended up making negative 300 dollars last month due to all of these things called "bills" (a speeding ticket also didn't help too much)

But I digress: I want this blog to be about work that I've done, so here we go! Commence the dump:

First of all, I did some illustrations for a card game being shown off at a sort of anime convention in Pittsburgh:
This is actually the second year I've done cards for this (although I still haven't been paid for these...)

My friend's brother is beginning to develop a web show and wanted a cartoon depiction of himself to use in titles and whatnot. He asked me to draw that for him:
I'm still looking forward to seeing it animated in his video intro.

Just this weekend I wrapped up 2 side projects. One was a T-shirt idea that crossed Pokemon with the Wendy's fast food chain:
This was nice because it was my first attempt to seriously make something in Adobe Illustrator. It worked as a nice tutorial! I think I may use AI for future projects just so I can keep things super clean and crisp instead of struggling to make things look nice in Photoshop (all of that pixelation!!!) I also submitted this shirt to TeePublic If you want to dish out $20 for it and tell 29 of your friends to do the same, I'd be extremely appreciative!!!!! :D :D :D

The other thing I finished was a little video my friends and I shot MONTHS ago. I had been putting it off but finally got around to capturing all of it and piecing things together:
It's not bad considering I edited it down to under 5 minutes from the 45 minutes of footage we shot.

That game I said I was working on in my last blog post has been put on hold. Despite saying "I'm going to finish this thing!".... I aint gonna finish it right now. Trying to build a 3D game for a mobile application seems to be a little over our heads at the moment. Instead, we are focusing on a simpler, 2D animated game that we can hopefully produce a little quicker. Not sure when that ball will get rolling, but I'm sure I'll post something about it when it finally takes off.

In the meantime, here I am! Still working my same job and wishing I was doing other things. Looking through all of my old blog posts, I noticed I had a good stream of new 3D work coming out on a regular basis. I hope to start having that kind of work again soon. I just need to not be so burnt out from wasting the majority of my days doing mindless tasks at work. Today was a bad mental day, but tomorrow I should be IN THE GAME.

I also want to start doing more comic work. I never finished this concept, but here is a sample of one project I really want to do:
It would be a reimagining of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers story. It would be darker and grittier for a more mature audience and would chronical all of the events from the start of season 1 all the way to the death of Zordon in Space. This project would be a HUGE undertaking, but it would be a lot of fun to make AND fun to read when it's done (at least I think so). I am calling it Angel Grove.

I still want to also make my Budget League super hero comic series as well, but Angel Grove would probably gain a bit more traction just because it's Power Rangers (it's also already completely written since it's based on the TV show).

That's my update! I hope to post a bit more frequently. Hopefully with new things to show!