Thursday, September 9, 2010

Air is fixed

So we got our AC fixed, although, we don't know for how long. A friend of the family came by to give an estimate on how much a new one would cost but instead he replaced some part and it started working again (why couldn't the other 3 guys have done that?). So I am definitely grateful for that. Our only problem now is Time Warner Cable and their internet access. A few months back they called and said they were raising our rates. We expressed our displeasure and ever since our internet has been flicking on and off every day and night. I'm pretty sure it's a conspiracy considering they have a switch in their offices and can just shut our internet off whenever they want. Someone probably just sits there and flicks it back and forth for a few hours every day. It's really irritating. But I digress...

I started working on a self portrait model. I made one back in Character Modeling 1 but I never actually textured it. I tried again a few quarters later but only finished the face. This time around I have the whole base mesh done! I hope to finish it in the coming weeks so I can start something else.

Something else I've been working on is a YouTube talk show with Ricky Stewart. We had made The Ricky Stewart show many years ago, but we just recently decided to revamp it. Well, the new episode is 13 minutes long and is really, in my opinion, a horror. Don't get me wrong, Ricky is awesome, and so is his guest Reubnick, but just the idea of trying to market a 13 minute video on YouTube is hell. I don't see it doing too well in accordance to views and such, but we are going to continue to make more. The plan is to fix all of the mistake we make with each new episode and hopefully have an actually good product by the end of it.

Other than all of that, I've just been sitting around watching TV and applying for jobs here and there. It's still pretty lonesome with all of my friends in school, but every Tuesday night me and Ricky Stewart drive over to Ashland to help with our friend's 4 hour radio block on WRDL. It's pretty fun, so if you are even in that listening area, check it out. I can't remember the actual channel number, so sorry about that... (no one reads this blog anyway)


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