Sunday, December 23, 2012


Tis the season! I am off work and trying to cram in as much or my own personal work as I possibly can. It probably doesn't look like I get a lot accomplished considering how little I post online, but my problem is that most of what I work on is unseen by the public (including yall in'ernet folk). But I sat down and pumped out a new piece for my main DeviantArt page: HERE It's a continuation of the Budget League series of heroes I have. There's a short little bio written on that page but I didn't go into specific backstory elements because I'm saving that kind of thing for the actual story pages. And yes, I do still plan to make this comic. It's not going to happen soon because I have other comitments, but I WILL do it. I swear to god. My only fear is that someone is going to see these on DA and rip the ideas off before I can produce the book (but there's also the chance that my character ideas are so dumb that no one would want them LOL! Let's hope for that one!)

My main commitment currently is my indie game studio (the word "studio" is used very lightly). We haven't bought the business license yet, but we are working on the game itself. My teammate (also named Matt, if I hadn't mentioned that prior) has code running and assets moving in engine. I just recently got the main character textured and rigged and am starting the animation process. I would post some screen shots but we are trying to keep it all under wraps until it's closer to completion. It's exciting!! You'll just have to take my word for it.

Just to reiderate my plans for the future: When this first game is completed, we are going to release it on the IOS app store. Then we are going to start production on more games and small apps. Matt has a friend who has been in this line of work for quite a while (doing quite well!!) and he is working as our advisor for this whole opperation. With the tips he's giving us, we hope to start bringing in a steady revenue stream once our games have been for sale over time. If all looks good, we then plan to focus on making games full time. That means opening up a small office workspace in a house or apartment and becoming an official indipendant developer. THAT is when I plan to start doing comic book work on the side. Currently I am working a full time job and making games in my free time, but when I transition to full time game developement, my free time will be open to writing and drawing other things. This plan is my dream and it will always be my dream until I achieve it. And I am really confident that I can.

It sounds farfetched. Probably because it is! Although it may not be impossible as much as it is very very difficult. It's going to be tough as shit! But I'm going to do it. You sons a bitches!!! I'm DOIN' IT! 

Try and stop me.

(actually, don't)