Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year = More Fear

I'm kind of stuck in a rut right now and I'm having quite the time trying to crawl out of it. My site sits online pretty much the same as it was when I graduated and I am still without a job. I know that it's practically impossible for my to get picked up unless I have new and better work in my portfolio, but it's so damn hard when you have no motivation.

Today I worked on my character model for about 3 or 4 hours, which is good considering. The new year hit and I made a couple resolutions. 1 being that I will open up 3Ds Max on my desktop at least once a day. Even if I just move a pixel, I have to do it. If I start to work on something, I'm more apt to actually "work" on something. I'm also telling myself to do at least 1 sketch a day because my 2D work has gotten kinda sloppy. If this keeps up, I should be back on my feet and ready to start applying to the big places again.

As far as the progress on my self portrait model, I have the high poly completed (although I'll probably go back and tweak just a few minor things) and I have the retopped, low poly mesh completed as well! Now I can unwrap and start projecting. The entire model SHOULD be done, textured, rigged and skinned before the end of the month. I have spent WAY to fucking long on this model and I'm really pissed off at myself. But it should all work out soon.

I'm also working on a vehicle for Flaming Brain studios, but I've been slacking on that because of my character model. Everything's just kinda backed up right now. However, it will all get done. Especially now that I've kicked into overdrive (even though my current version of 'overdrive' would have been considered 'lazy' when I was still at school). Regardless, I have faith that I can get back to my 'work horse' state of mind and actually start busting ass.

It's weird. I am free. I don't have to work, and I'm out of school. There is nothing for me to do and yet I feel more stressed than I ever have before.

I'm ready for a change, and I think that this is the year.

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