Monday, January 17, 2011


I think I figured it out... maybe.

The reason why I might dislike the video game industry is because of its target audience. What pop culture classifies as "a gamer" is really upsetting to me. I hate the kind of gamer that is portrayed on TV or in the news. I hate the kind of people that are playing shooters on xbox live and screaming "you just got head-shotted NOOB!" into their headsets.

This fact is something I've known for a while: Society's "gamers" are annoying as shit. But what pissed me off most about the the whole video game spectrum may be that those "gamers" are what defines the genre. If you look at movies, you think of great films, shot composure, music, going to a theater; that kind of stuff. With music you think of instruments, beats, and the artists that record it all. With video games you think of the god damn gamers.

That's not to say that actual games and graphics and stuff don't come into your mind, but when I think of video gaming, I think of the people that play games and that bothers me. When you think about music, you never think about the people that actually listen to it, or the people that go to movies; but with games, those "gamers" have become part of its definition.

The more you think about it though, you realize it has to be that way, because video games are a social medium. You are actually having an experience and it is such that in many cases you can share your experience with others in a multiplayer environment. So when considering that kind of a situation, having the "gamers" be part of that overview of the genre makes sense. Regardless, that doesn't mean it's any less annoying.

Maybe I'm just crazy and that isn't how things are at all. This was just a little revelation that I had which helped me understand my own point of view.

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