Saturday, January 7, 2012

Steam Crunk

I finished my gun finally! I just got done adding it onto the site: HERE
That above render was rendered out in Marmoset Toolbag, which I finally got to work!! I'm so glad too because it looks really nice. Much better than inside 3Ds Max.

I'm moving on to other projects. I've got a few characters already started that need finishing. Namely the Vampire Bat Boy and the Vumpire which will fill out the more "cartoony" characters in my new reel. I started a model of Awesome Kong a while back and I'd really like to finish that because I want to attempt to use some physics on her hair braids and the leather straps hanging from her waist. We'll see if that actually happens though :D And I am determined to make a character that is depicted as "Steam-Crunk" which is basally like Steam-punk except it's with blinged out, gangster rappers. So, envision Lil Wayne with a steam powered grill! EH!?

I'm also currently working on a top secret game project with a friend. It's going through some changes at the moment but it was originally going to be a 2D, side-scrolling platformer possibly made in Flash. But now we're rethinking and we may attempt to do it all in 3D. Unity might be the ticket if we go that route. Either way, the idea is pretty cool and I think it will be pretty fun if it ever gets made. We're shooting for a free to play release so, that's something to look forward to I guess, but don't get your hopes up LOL

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