Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Adventure Time

The other day I finished this peice of fan art for Adventure Time. AT is one of my newest favorite cartoons so I really wanted to make something with its characters. You can see it here

I'm currently trying to get a hook on an art style for a comic book project. It's taking longer than I thought, but I've been looking at more and more comics recently to try and pull different things from different sources. The Dark Tower comics have an amazing look to them, but I've also been re-reading Watchmen as well as read the Walking Dead for the first time. They all have very different looks and feels but I'm confident that I can come up with something that's unique for this new project.

Ontop of all that, I'm still working on my self portrait model. I finally got the hang of retopologizing my models in 3Ds Max using the freeform tools. That is VERY exciting. Once I get all of these other projects under wraps, I can finish that model and then hopefully make a shit-ton of props.

This last week I made a few more YouTube backgrounds for some folks that requested them. The one you can see at and the other at These don't really take long to do so they haven't gotten in the way of my other work.

However, this weekend I will be heading up to Parma Ohio for the annual Ghoulardifest. I missed last year due to swine flu but the year before that I helped work the event with Mike from couchpotatotheatre as well as the rest of the guys from TheTriangleChannel. This year will be no different, so I will be up there working for at least two days, staying the night at a friends apartment in Cleveland. Come stop by and meet everyone!

That's all for now. I have to go draw myself out of a hole.


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