Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm slowly getting Boss Grim's textures done. I still haven't projected his Ax normals yet but I'm working on his back guns at the moment. All of his textures so far I have made completely in photoshop except for a slight metal overlay that I got off google for the shoulder plates. Clouds, Texturizer, and motion blur are really usefull!

I'm also furriously trying to get a 3rd character done for my demo reel. Boss Grim and Harvey James's Kim Min Ji are the 2 that I currently have. My 3rd character was going to be a futuristic Power Rangers with real detailed cybernetic armor. That however didn't go very well. I'll probably finish it at some point, but the scope of that project is too big to pull off in the next week. Come to think of it, the scope of any portfolio reel project is too big to pull off in a week.... damn it. But I'm going to try. Here's what I have so far on character #3:

I have a week left before i have to turn my demo reel and everything else in. I have another week after that before the portfolio show. Technically I could do a shit job for the class and have it done for the show, but I'm going to try to get it done in time for class. I honestly believe I can pull it off.

Stay tuned to watch me fail...


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