Saturday, August 18, 2012

Female Armor - Part Five

I'm still making updates on this model. Hard surface armor modeling is tough. I've usually worked minimally with armor on my models and focused more on organic features, so constructing a character where armor is covering a majority of the body is proving to be difficult.  I think I'm getting better though.  Although the process could be snappier :)

I only have a couple weeks left this month, but I hope to have her done by September so I can start my Steam-Crunk character and go on to complete my demo reel sometime in October. If I hadn't mentioned it before, I've cut down on what's being included in the reel due to lack of time. I now plan to have Steam-Crunk head up the reel, following by the girl above, which will then break down her gun as well, and then end it with the boy and dog.  But in order to make the reel work, I have to make this girl and my next model the best fucking models I've ever created.

The biggest time suck recently is my incessant wanting to draw (which really isn't a bad thing!!) Since getting my Cintiq I've been wanting to just draw things all the time. So recently I've been going back and redesigning some of my comic book characters and posting those on Deviant Art. However, I'll probably end up forcing myself to stop drawing until I can get my demo reel models done.

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