Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dog face

 It's been about a month since I started my venture towards a new demo reel. The boy character is pretty much done and the dog is coming along nicely. I'm trying to make the dog a little cartoony to match the boy, but he's coming off a little goofy looking at the moment. I've been tweaking his proportions for a few days now, but I've decided to move forward and see how he looks after I get some textures going. Next stop though is unwrapping!!  I plan to have the dog done by this weekend and hopefully get both of these characters rigged by next week. The 3 day weekend this week will definitely come in handy!!
Next month will start a new character. Originally it was going to be the Green Ranger, but I have since switched up the roster and this girl will be next in line:
My portfolio is in dire need of some sex appeal, however I've feeling her to be a bit bland as is. I was digging Scarlett Johansson's hair in the newest Avengers movie, so I'm planning on having this character adopt that style of hair. I'm also thinking of adding some large shoulder armor and other ridiculous things to make her silhouette more extreme. On the other hand, I could just bulk up her legs with more  stuff and keep her top half slender. More concepts will be needed for sure.

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  1. And if I had visited this weekend, you probably wouldn't get as much done as you wanted!! Thank God for ME