Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Stuff

It's been a month. It was snowing 2 days ago and now it's 80 degrees.

I've been working on a comic a lot recently. I've been drawing comic books since I was in elementary school. I drew a lot of books in middle school and they got passed around my school getting generally good reviews. Once I got to high school I stopped. They are a lot of work and I was focusing more on traditional art. College was all 3D modeling and stuff. But I've been thinking about doing another comic for a while now. All of the planning has been building up and I finally found myself in a position where I can start roughing out the book. Here's a sample:
It's basically a super hero story (because that's what comics are suppose to be, right?). It's meant to be a comedy book, but the backstories are kind of dark so I'm not sure how it will turn out. My main inspirations for this are Watchmen and KickAss as well as some Scott Pilgrim. I'm hoping it doesn't turn out too cliche.

ALSO, the videogame project I've been working on with a couple fellow designers has hit a bump in the road. We've been coasting for a while and when we realized we've been planning our game for almost an entire year, we quit. LOL. Not really though. We are just taking a step back on that idea and focusing on something new in order to get our blood flowing. This new title is kind of a throw back to a game we made when we were in school, only this time we are going to overhaul it and make it badass as hell (and it will actually work!!) Here's the character I'm working on for it:

It's a work in progress of course. We got through the basic design phase of this quick, so we want to power through and try to get it done this year.

God help us all

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