Thursday, December 29, 2011


It seems to be the story of my life: falling into ruts and not getting anything done. It amazes me that I can sit in a work atmosphere and get about 7 hours of solid work done everyday, whilst thinking about all the things I want to accomplish when I get home, only to arrive and do absolutely nothing. And then I go to sleep...

I wish I was back in school again. Somehow, when I was in college, I could go to class for sometimes 10 hours a day, go home, and work like mad. Maybe it's because all the work I did were projects that needed to be done. But for some reason I can't convince myself that all the personal projects I have before me today are important enough that I need them to be done. My mind says I am more than content just leaving all of these unfinished projects lying around. Well I'm fucking sick of it.

I see peers who have moved on and are achieving great things. I know people who are either still in school or have graduated and are pumping out so much work it's ridiculous! I figure they have to work nonstop all the time in order to get stuff done, but then I find out, they are also further along in Skyward Sword than I am as well. It's frustrating and I am so jealous of their work ethics.

So I have decided I need to reboot myself. I believe I have done this before to no avail, but it will never truly happen unless I keep trying, so here goes...

I keep this blog as kind of a way to track myself for future reference. Hopefully in the future I can look back at all of these pathetic journal entries and laugh. Hopefully....

But this post is going to be the starting point of a new initiative. That gun up there is something I started AGES ago, and I'm going to finish it here soon. I have also started a new game project with a fellow graduate. I'll probably be talking more about that later.

So here's to working! If I start to slack off, I expect someone to kick my ass back into gear. If that someone has to be me, than so be it.

mutha fucka, im ill

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